Welcome to my blog.

One of my Home Instead clients is a talented painter.  She started after retiring as a elementary school teacher.  She watched a friend of hers do a watercolor painting, picked up a paintbrush and found that she had an innate talent.

She has several of her own paintings in her apartment, some of which I had the pleasure to help hang.  She has an exquisite eye for color, composition and light.  I take delight in viewing these paintings 3 mornings a week.

I told her one day, as we were chatting while she ate breakfast, that I have always wanted to take a creative writing course, and that I would probably do so after I retire.  She told me to stop waiting and just start writing, already.  I’ve often thought of that advice, and so I am doing just that.  Just writing, already.

There is nothing exquisite about the way I write.  I am simply recording the things I think about,  people I meet, recipes I want to share, etc.

I welcome your input, your responses, negative or positive (although, I prefer the latter).  At least I’ll know you’re reading.